The Threads That Bind Us

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Big changes are afoot.  The Threads That Bind Us is closing its physical brick-and-mortar location for good.  You can still reach us in the following ways:

Phone: 250.540.0341


Open until December 15

11 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday
1 pm to 5 pm Saturday
Closed Sunday (except for classes)

Our reading and healing services will still be available from home (call or email for address and directions) and from Breathe Metaphysical store, which is right around the corner by that new building, next to Innerspace.  Sable will continue to offer classes, workshops, Wiccan and witchcraft classes and events, readings, healing, and consultations.  Our online store is still active and will be expanding considerably in the near future!  We will also be at events and festivals throughout the year.

We offer a wide selection of metaphysical services, including (but not limited to) Tarot & Psychic Readings, Rescue Mediumship, Reiki, Healing Matrix, Quantum Touch, Thai Massage, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique,) workshops, psychic fairs, Eight Paths of Power Classes & a metaphysical library.

Metaphysical & spiritual services ~ ritual supplies ~  ~ locally created arts & crafts ~ metaphysical gifts ~  ~ a social and environmental conscience ~ a business with a heart.  We have all this to offer, so why not come in today and see if we have something to offer you?


Est 2005

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Site Map

There's been some changes since we've added drop down menus to the website.  This section will help you to know where to find the features and information you want!

Clicking on any of the page options in the Sidebar will take you directly to that page.  Each page is useful and the only "gateway" page, without independent information, is the "Features" page.  You can find the sub-pages by placing the mouse pointer over the page options in the menu on the Sidebar.

You are on the Home Page.

     * The About Us page can be found as a sub-page of the Home page, and that's where you will find information about us and our history and mission, as well as a blurb on our Pirates for the Cure team for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure.

The Calendar page is where you will find a listing of our upcoming events, when they are happening and how much they cost.  We do a lot of events and this is probably the most popular feature of our website.

The Store page is where you go to shop online for all the great stuff we bring to festivals and keep in our shop, as well as purchase metaphysical services (such as psychic readings and Reiki) that can be done at a distance over the internet.

     * The Amazon Bookstore is a subpage of the Store page, and you can find a lot of great books here offered through Amazon (and we make a small commission on them.)  If you'd rather order from us directly, contact us by email; we can do that too.

     * The Cafe Press page lets you buy some cool Threads merchandise!

The Blog page is an eclectic blog from Sable Aradia, our Proprietress.  It includes articles, informative snippets on Wicca and magick, information on site updates, event information and reviews, notifications about new shipments, and information and thoughts on Wicca and the spiritual path.

The Forums page invites you to engage in discussion on all matters related to spirituality, alternative health, and all matters metaphysical.  This is a relatively new feature and we hope it will grow!

The Metaphysical Services page describes the different spiritual, psychic, and alternative health services we offer, features bios and greetings from our team of knowledgeable and friendly practitioners, and also serves as a gateway page to some of our more popular services:

     * Inner Dragon Reiki describes our Reiki practice.  Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing with proven health benefits.

     * The Metaphysical Library page lists the titles that we currently have for lending in our Metaphysical Library, which costs you $5 a month to borrow any item in it!

     * The Eight Paths of Power describes Sable's popular workshop series, taught throughout the year at Threads and at metaphysical shop and Temples through BC.

     * The Podcast page features The Medium, the Witch and the Shaman Podcast.  You can stream it, download it, search podcasts by subject, and add comments.  You can also subscribe to our Podcast via RSS or iTunes.

The Art & Artists page details some of the fantastic artwork we display and tells you about our artists, all of whom are local or have strong local ties!

The Features page offers you some fun goodies, including:

     * Metaphysical/Pagan Wiki - is a source of information on Metaphysical and Pagan subjects.  Like other Wikis, it can be edited and added to by many people, but you have to be a site member to edit it. 

     * The Photo Gallery features some great pictures of some of our past special events and the store itself.  Well worth a visit!

     * The Videos section offers you previews of some of our Practical Magick videos (which gives you an idea of what to expect at the classes as well,) Sable's original music (available on CD in the store,) and informative videos relevant to our spirituality or practice (such as an instructional video on EFT, or a song about a Wiccan Sabbat or shamanic drumming.)

The Contact Us page brings up a form to send us an email, as well as our address, our phone number, a map to find us with, and a link to our Facebook page and Skype account (which dials us automatically if you have Skype.)  Filling it out adds you to our Contact list and makes it easier for us to get back to you (we promise, no spam.)  You can also find this page by clicking on the Contact Us button on the left hand edge of the page.

Clicking on any of the Features in the Sidebar, including Featured Products, Recent Blog Entries, Recent Photos, Newest Members, Recent VideosRecent Forum Posts and Recent Podcasts will take you directly to that page.  Clicking on Skype calls our Skype account with yours, Facebook takes you to our Facebook page, Amazon Bookstore takes you to our Amazon Bookstore, and Share on Facebook posts a link to our site on your Facebook page.

If you use the "Subscribe to Our Site" link, you can access numerous features available only to our site members, including posting to the Forums and receiving monthly updates about what's going on at the shop and where the shop will be for workshops or festivals.